Yamaha Fzs version 2.0 Vs Suzuki Gixer

Yamaha fzs v2.0 and suzuki gixer are the two most trending bikes in Nepali streets right now.Both, have been able to occupy  good positions in terms of popularity. So, today we will compare them in terms of look, design and performance.

fzs and gixer

Looks and design
Since the suzuki gixer design and looks have been influenced from the yamaha fzs itself, both of them have a common design and looks. The silencer is the main attraction in the suzuki gixer but yamaha fzs has a bulky look due to its fuel tank which rises bit more than the gixer. In conclusion, yamaha fzs edges suzuki gixer very sligthly.

Both, the bikes are rich in technology.The display cluster of both bikes have similar features. Suzuki gixer has better display as it consists of the clock and it also displays the current gear position which makes them better.
Talking about the technology, Fzs have used the Fuel injected technology in its blue core engine with sensors which is better than gixer.They also have the eco meter which indicates the economy mode driving and they have also included a sensor which stops the engine within 3 seconds after you bike falls or crashes down.So in this context too Yamaha uses the better technology than gixer.

Yamaha Fzs is 149 cc bike whereas the Suzuki gixer is 154 cc bike. In comparison to the pick up, Suzuki gixer has the better pick up than the Fzs but the difference is not very big.The power and the torque of gixer is also slightly higher than that of Fzs.

Yamaha Fzs has the slightly better mileage than the gixer as they use fuel injection technology. The difference is not that higher which is around 5km/l.

Driving and Riding comfort
Yamaha Fzs edges out Suzuki gixer slightly in driving comfort. Fzs has the flat tyres whereas the tyres are rounded a bit in gixer which makes Fzs a bit smoother and safe during rainy days.
Yamaha fzs is much better in riding comfort espcially in he pillon seat.If you prefer long drive often with someone in the pilon seat, you should definetly go for the Yamaha Fzs. The pillion seat of the Suzuki gixer is the main setback for the bike in comaparision to the Fzs.

Intrumental cluster and Engine
Both of the bikes have good instrumental cluster but yamaha fzs have a slight better cluster than that of Suzuki gixer. Reagrding the engine it will be wait and watch for both since gixer has not spent so much time on road to evaluate the engine whereas Yamaha has introduced new bluecore Fi engine which has also not spent much time in the road.Looking back to previous models, both yamaha and suzuki gixer has been highly rated for its engine and its performance in previous days.

So if you are in the doubt which one to choose from Yamaha Fzs and the Suzuki gixer, it depends upon your priority. These two bikes have many aspects common which have not been included in this comparision. If you look for better performance in riding, go for the Suzuki gixer, if you prefer smooth and dual comfort riding go for yamaha Fzs.

Xiaomi in Nepal

Xiaomi finally seems to come in Nepali Market. Its been a while the Chinese smartphone makers grabbing a proper share in Indian marketing providing tough market competition to Indian Smartphone Makers. Craze of Xiaomi of Nepal has surged in recent days as the product came to Nepali market through India, becoming an instant hit.

Xiaomi in Nepal – Dealers Wanted:

Xiaomi in Nepal
Xiaomi in Nepal

The Chinese Smartphone company Xiaomi  has finally steeped in the market of Nepal and Xiaomi in Nepal will begin the service soon. The Vatsal Impex Pvt Ltd has already been appointed as the official distributor in Nepal. The Vatsal Impex Pvt ltd is seeking for the dealership in Nepal. So we can finally get the original Mi smartphones in Nepal officially Very soon and the long await for the xiaomi mobile fans is finally over.

Pic credit: The himalayan times.

NTC new balance transfer system

Nepal Telecom has reintroduced the balance transfer system in the occasion of Christmas after it was stopped for more than 6 months.  The new balance transfer system will make the telecom user happy as they are facing the recharge issues for a long time. According to new system user need to input amount in Rs not Paisa( e.g for Rs 10 put 10 not 1000). Here is the new system

*422*(mobile security pin)*(mobile number to be transferred)*(amount in Rs)#



  1. Mobile security pin means the security code
  2. Transfer amount can range from Rs 10 to 100
  3. Only 5 transfers can be made in 24 hours.

Honda CB Hornet 160R Nepal

Honda has already launched the new bike Honda CB hornet 160r in India.This bike is set to be one of the most popular bikes n upcoming days due to its specification and features.


 Honda CB hornet price in Nepal

Honda CB hornet 160r has already been launched in Nepal by Syakar pvt ltd on April 16,2016 at the cost of NRs 2,69,900.

Here are its features and specification


Displacement                               :162.71 cc
Maximum Power                         :15.66 BHP @ 8500 rpm
Maximum Torque                        :14.76 NM @ 6500 rpm
Gearbox                                          :5-speed
Seat Height                                    :790 mm
Ground Clearance                        :164 mm
Kerb/Wet Weight                         :142 kg
Fuel Tank Capacity                       :12 litres
Top Speed                                      :110 kmph
Mileage (Certified)                       :60 kmp

Displacement                                 :162.71 cc
Maximum Power                            :15.66 BHP @ 8500 rpm
Maximum Torque                          :14.76 NM @ 6500 rpm
Engine Description                        :Air Cooled, 4 Stroke, SI Engine
Cooling                                              :Air-cooled
Compression Ratio                         :10:01
Bore                                                   :57.3 mm
Stroke                                                :63.09 mm
Number of Cylinders                      : 1
Power-to-weight Ratio                   : 110.28 Bhp per tonne
Torque-to-Weight Ratio                :103.94 Nm per tonne
Specific Output                                : 96.24 Bhp per litre
Gearbox                                             : 5-speed
Clutch                                                :Wet Multi-plate
Gear Pattern                                    : 1-N-2-3-4-5
Honda’s Combined Braking System (CBS)
Front Brake  : 276mm Disc with a triple-pot Nissin caliper
Rear Brake     : 220mm Disc with a single-pot Nissin caliper
Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)
Front Suspension Telescopic
Rear Suspension Monoshock
Front Tyre 100/80-17 (MRF Zapper FYM)
Rear Tyre 140/70-17 (MRF Zapper FYM)
Front Wheel 17-inch
Rear Wheel 17-inch
Tubeless Tyres
Alloy Wheels
Battery Type MF
Capacity 4Ah
Voltage 12V
Overall Length  : 2041 mm
Overall Width   : 783 mm
Overall Height  : 1067 mm
Ground Clearance :164 mm
Seat Height :   790 mm
Wheelbase :  1345 mm
Kerb/Wet Weight: 142 kg
Fuel Tank Capacity :12 litres
Top Speed : 110 kmph
Mileage (City, approx.) 45 kmpl
Mileage (Highway, approx.) 55 kmpl
Mileage (Combined, approx.) 50 kmpl
Mileage (Certified) 60 kmpl
Speedometer Digital
Tachometer Digital
Trip Meter Digital
Odometer Digital
Clock Digital
Fuel Gauge Digital
Gear Indicator
Rev-limiter Indicator
Pillion Footrest
Electric Start
Pillion Grabrail
Step-up Seat/Split Seat
Pass Light
Engine Kill Switch
Head Light 12V 35/35W
Tail Light LED

Oil Distribution Sms System

The Nepal oil Corporation has launched the new Oil Distribution Sms System which will make the distribution of petrol and diesel more efficient and reliable. The new system will also avoid the long queue and wastage of time in petrol pump line.Here are the details regarding the new system.

To Send the petrol request through the mobile SMS system Type


where:  FT = Fuel Type.

P for petrol D for diesel and G for gas

BBN = Blue Book  Number

STD = District Telephone STD Code ( 01 for Kathmandu)

EZ = Election Zone

CC = Consumer cateogory

S for bikes as Small vechicle, M for cars as Medium Vechicle, L for bus, truck etc as Large vechicle.

Send the message to 1111

 For checking your line 

Type CHK<space>BBN<space> CODE

BBN = Blue Book Number

CODE = Code number you get after sending the request (above) sms.

and send the message to 1111.


I want to request for petrol for my bike and I stay in Election Zone number 09 Then

REQ<space>P<space> 2326156<space>01<space>09<space> S


click here to know how to find blue book number

Popularity and Posssibilty of Xiaomi Nepal.

Xiaomi has already become the famous brand in the neighbour countriesXiaomi Nepal like India and China. But there is no official sale of Xiaomi mobile inNepal. So we discuss the possibility of launching official sale of Xiaomi Nepal and the popularity it can gain in Nepal.We will also look after its features and different mobile version of Xiaomi.



Why is Xiaomi a famous brand already ?

According to the International Data Corporation Xiaomi holds 5.6 % of total market vendor share standing on 4th position on Global Market.Xiaomi India has already started its service centres and sale in India.Xiaomi is also the famous brand in China and Hongkong and its global market is growing gradually with  the release of new mobiles with exciting features. So no doubt the Xiaomi has been able to influence the Nepalese too but we will have to wait for Xiaomi Nepal to get all the genuine service of Xiaomi in Nepal


Why Nepalese may have to wait for Xiaomi Nepal ?

After the establishment of Xioami India the indian market have been a great sucess for Xiaomi. But still there are no sign yet to lauch Xiaomi in Nepal or establishment of Xiaomi Nepal. India is a huge market for Xiaomi already.So they have not kept their eyes on Nepal which market is comparatively very low in comparision to Nepal. But it doesnt mean that Xiaomi Nepal is not possible but we may have to wait a while for Xiaomi’s new market strategy and there seems to be huge fans of Xiaomi in Nepal waiting for Xiaomi Nepal.


Xiaomi MIUI Forum and fans

MIUI stands for Mi User Interface which is the special and popular interface used in Xiaomi products. The Xiaomi MIUI Official forum consits of huge number of fans and users and no doubt a big number of Nepalese have been the part of this forum. MIUI forum is big platform for the interaction and other issues of Xiaomi products. Xiaomi forum  once replied to the quetsion ” When in Mi device launch in Nepal ” with a disapponting reply “Dear friend I am sorry to tell you but there is no news/plans from Mi official to launch their product in Nepal in near future. But do not get upset and keep following MIUI forum for any news regarding this. If Mi plans to add any other country in their sales map, the forum will be updated with the news. Thanks for understanding. ” But the good news is this is not an official statement. So lets hope Xiaomi enters Nepal with a surprise once the internal condition of Nepal Becomes Stable.

Check MIUI Official Forum here: http://en.miui.com/forum.php

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Kathmandu Petrol Distribution

Nepal Oil Corporation is all set for Kathmandu Petrol Distribution, for Private vehicles from Mangsir 22 to 28. Each motorcycle will get 4 litres of Petrol in Kathmandu. Find the Petrol Distribution schedule for Kathmandu:

Kathmandu Petrol Distribution

Dates and Details:

DATE                               Motorcycle Lot No

2072/08/22                              lot no 1 to 25

2072/08/24                              lot no 26 to 40

2072/08/26                              lot no 41 to 55

2072/08/28                               lot no 56 and above

There are certain things that must be noted if you are planning to get yourself on petrol line in kathmandu.

  1. Distribution of petrol in Kathmandu will start from 9 am
  2. Each Motorcycle  and scooter will get 4 ltr of petrol
  3. The vehicle Blue book  must be renewed

Here is the detail information of  Petrol Pump for Distribution of Petrol in Kathmandu.

Click here for list of petrol pump and quantity for mangsir 26 

source: NOC

Source : NOC

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge News and Rumours.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Release date, price and Specs

The Samsung galaxy S7 is expected to be released on first quater of 2016. So we have a look on its possible features and price.

There is no official communication from Samsung Electronics that can confirm when the new Samsung S7 will be released.There is so much expectation given the pace set by the S6. The manufacturer, Samsung Electronics, will also be watching keenly on what Apple will be releasing in the market before the first quarter of 2016.

Here are the possible features that will be available on Samsung Galaxy S7.

  • 4GB Ram 

The samsung Galaxy S7 is set to have 4 gb ram and you can imagine the mobile with 4 gb ram and its performance. well Just think of your laptop and what it can hold in terms of capacity.

  • 64bit Exynos processor

    It will be the first android smartphone to have the 64bit Exynos processor. For an improved speedthere will be a 3.5 GHz processing power. So one can expect the best speed on the phone.

  • High Internal  memory upto 128 GB

This mobile is expected to have internam memory upto 128 gb which will certainly change the trend in the upcoming andriod phone increasing its internal capacity

  • Waterproof Technology

The waterproof technology is an advanced technology which is also user friendly and samsung is set to introduce it after the Sony.

  • Super Amoled Display

There are some phones enjoying Amoled display but this one will have a super amoled display that is 4k, 5.5-inch.


So these are some of the features of samsung Galaxy S7 which are rumoured to be present in this new samsung model and it looks to create the different trend in several aspects of the smartphone.Hopefully the smartphone lovers will definetely like it and the presence of these technology will certainly be the  new development in communication field.


Dashain offer in Samsung mobile price

The Authorized dealer of Samsung in Nepal , I.M.S pvt ltd has offered discount on Samsung mobile and tablet in the occassion of Dashain festival in Nepal. The new Samsung mobile price after disount are as follows.


  1. Samsung Galaxy Tab E    : NRs 27,990
  2. Samsung Galaxy Tab 4     : NRs 21,900
  3. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 V : NRs 16,59o

Mobile Phone

  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 5       : NRs 89,900
  2. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge    : NRs 94,90
  3. Samsung Galaxy S6               : NRs 77,900
  4. Samsung Galaxy Note 4       : NRs  68,900
  5. Samsung Galaxy A8               : NRs 53,900
  6. Samsung Galaxy S5                : NRs 43, 500
  7. Samsung Galaxy A7                : NRs 39,900
  8. Samsung Galaxy Note3          : NRs  41,700
  9. Samsung Galaxy A5                : NRs 31,900
  10. Samsung Galaxy J7                :NRs  25,900
  11. Samsung Galaxy J5                : NRs 21,900
  12. Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime                 : NRs 15,900
  13. Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Neo         : NRs 15,590
  14. Samsung Galaxy J2                                      :NRs 13,490
  15. Samsung Galaxy Core Prime                       : NRs 13,490
  16. Samsung Galaxy J1                                       : NRs 10,490
  17. Samsung Galaxy S Duos 3                           : NRs 9,190
  18. Samsung Galaxy Ace Next                           : NRs 8,490
  19. Samsung Z1                                                    : NRs 7,490
  20. Samsung 350                                                   : NRs 3,190

To check the Samsung mobile price in Nepal in MRP Click here.