Oil Distribution Sms System

The Nepal oil Corporation has launched the new Oil Distribution Sms System which will make the distribution of petrol and diesel more efficient and reliable. The new system will also avoid the long queue and wastage of time in petrol pump line.Here are the details regarding the new system.

To Send the petrol request through the mobile SMS system Type


where:  FT = Fuel Type.

P for petrol D for diesel and G for gas

BBN = Blue Book  Number

STD = District Telephone STD Code ( 01 for Kathmandu)

EZ = Election Zone

CC = Consumer cateogory

S for bikes as Small vechicle, M for cars as Medium Vechicle, L for bus, truck etc as Large vechicle.

Send the message to 1111

 For checking your line 

Type CHK<space>BBN<space> CODE

BBN = Blue Book Number

CODE = Code number you get after sending the request (above) sms.

and send the message to 1111.


I want to request for petrol for my bike and I stay in Election Zone number 09 Then

REQ<space>P<space> 2326156<space>01<space>09<space> S


click here to know how to find blue book number

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