Popularity and Posssibilty of Xiaomi Nepal.

Xiaomi has already become the famous brand in the neighbour countriesXiaomi Nepal like India and China. But there is no official sale of Xiaomi mobile inNepal. So we discuss the possibility of launching official sale of Xiaomi Nepal and the popularity it can gain in Nepal.We will also look after its features and different mobile version of Xiaomi.



Why is Xiaomi a famous brand already ?

According to the International Data Corporation Xiaomi holds 5.6 % of total market vendor share standing on 4th position on Global Market.Xiaomi India has already started its service centres and sale in India.Xiaomi is also the famous brand in China and Hongkong and its global market is growing gradually with  the release of new mobiles with exciting features. So no doubt the Xiaomi has been able to influence the Nepalese too but we will have to wait for Xiaomi Nepal to get all the genuine service of Xiaomi in Nepal


Why Nepalese may have to wait for Xiaomi Nepal ?

After the establishment of Xioami India the indian market have been a great sucess for Xiaomi. But still there are no sign yet to lauch Xiaomi in Nepal or establishment of Xiaomi Nepal. India is a huge market for Xiaomi already.So they have not kept their eyes on Nepal which market is comparatively very low in comparision to Nepal. But it doesnt mean that Xiaomi Nepal is not possible but we may have to wait a while for Xiaomi’s new market strategy and there seems to be huge fans of Xiaomi in Nepal waiting for Xiaomi Nepal.


Xiaomi MIUI Forum and fans

MIUI stands for Mi User Interface which is the special and popular interface used in Xiaomi products. The Xiaomi MIUI Official forum consits of huge number of fans and users and no doubt a big number of Nepalese have been the part of this forum. MIUI forum is big platform for the interaction and other issues of Xiaomi products. Xiaomi forum  once replied to the quetsion ” When in Mi device launch in Nepal ” with a disapponting reply “Dear friend I am sorry to tell you but there is no news/plans from Mi official to launch their product in Nepal in near future. But do not get upset and keep following MIUI forum for any news regarding this. If Mi plans to add any other country in their sales map, the forum will be updated with the news. Thanks for understanding. ” But the good news is this is not an official statement. So lets hope Xiaomi enters Nepal with a surprise once the internal condition of Nepal Becomes Stable.

Check MIUI Official Forum here: http://en.miui.com/forum.php

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