Kathmandu Petrol Distribution

Nepal Oil Corporation is all set for Kathmandu Petrol Distribution, for Private vehicles from Mangsir 22 to 28. Each motorcycle will get 4 litres of Petrol in Kathmandu. Find the Petrol Distribution schedule for Kathmandu:

Kathmandu Petrol Distribution

Dates and Details:

DATE                               Motorcycle Lot No

2072/08/22                              lot no 1 to 25

2072/08/24                              lot no 26 to 40

2072/08/26                              lot no 41 to 55

2072/08/28                               lot no 56 and above

There are certain things that must be noted if you are planning to get yourself on petrol line in kathmandu.

  1. Distribution of petrol in Kathmandu will start from 9 am
  2. Each Motorcycle  and scooter will get 4 ltr of petrol
  3. The vehicle Blue book  must be renewed

Here is the detail information of  Petrol Pump for Distribution of Petrol in Kathmandu.

Click here for list of petrol pump and quantity for mangsir 26 

source: NOC

Source : NOC

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