Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge News and Rumours.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Release date, price and Specs

The Samsung galaxy S7 is expected to be released on first quater of 2016. So we have a look on its possible features and price.

There is no official communication from Samsung Electronics that can confirm when the new Samsung S7 will be released.There is so much expectation given the pace set by the S6. The manufacturer, Samsung Electronics, will also be watching keenly on what Apple will be releasing in the market before the first quarter of 2016.

Here are the possible features that will be available on Samsung Galaxy S7.

  • 4GB Ram 

The samsung Galaxy S7 is set to have 4 gb ram and you can imagine the mobile with 4 gb ram and its performance. well Just think of your laptop and what it can hold in terms of capacity.

  • 64bit Exynos processor

    It will be the first android smartphone to have the 64bit Exynos processor. For an improved speedthere will be a 3.5 GHz processing power. So one can expect the best speed on the phone.

  • High Internal  memory upto 128 GB

This mobile is expected to have internam memory upto 128 gb which will certainly change the trend in the upcoming andriod phone increasing its internal capacity

  • Waterproof Technology

The waterproof technology is an advanced technology which is also user friendly and samsung is set to introduce it after the Sony.

  • Super Amoled Display

There are some phones enjoying Amoled display but this one will have a super amoled display that is 4k, 5.5-inch.


So these are some of the features of samsung Galaxy S7 which are rumoured to be present in this new samsung model and it looks to create the different trend in several aspects of the smartphone.Hopefully the smartphone lovers will definetely like it and the presence of these technology will certainly be the  new development in communication field.


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