Bikes in Nepal

The roads of Nepal always seems to be busy with the motorbikes.Bikes in Nepal is popular among all the age group from the college students to the family persons.So we will have a quick review on the bike in Nepal which is more popular in the roads and look at their price in Nepal. Lets look at the top 5 popular bikes in Nepal.

  1. Bajaj pulsar 

Bajaj pulsar bikes in Nepal has been famous in the Nepalese youngster since the decade. It is also regarded as the most famous bikes which are seen running on the Nepali roads in the huge numbers.

Lets have a look at the prices of different models of pulsar in Nepal

Bajaj Pulsar 150cc price in Nepal: NRs 226,900 inclusive of tax

Bajaj pulsar 180cc price in Nepal: NRs 238,900 inclusive of tax

Bajaj pulsar 220cc price in Nepal :NRs 271,900 inclusive of tax

Bajaj Pulsar RS 200 price in Nepal: NRs 399,900 inclusive of tax


2.  Yamaha FZS 

Yamaha FZS model has gained a huge popularity in Nepali roads since last 5 years. The wide area of tyres  have helped drive bikes in muddy and hilly roads which made it famous in Nepal in last recent years.So lets have a look on yamaha fzs price and its different models.

Yamaha fzs price in Nepal: NRs 231,900 inclusive of tax

Yamaha FZS FI  version 2.0 price in Nepal: NRs 231,900 inclusive of tax

3. Honda Shine

Honda shine  is regarded as the most economical bike in Nepal which provides the better fuel efficiency and it is also light in the weight which is easy to handle..The 125cc Honda shine in Nepal is loved by the people for its economical price too.So lets have a look on honda shine price in Nepal.

Honda  CB shine price in Nepal : NRs 187,900 inclusive of tax.

4. Honda Unicorn

Honda unicorn is another popular bikes in Nepal which is another economical bike in 150cc family.The fuel efficiency is pretty good of the honda unicorn in comparision of the other bikes of 150cc family.Lets have a look on price of the two different models of Honda Unicorn

Honda  CB unicorn DSS price in Nepal : NRs 222,900 inclusive of tax.

Honda  CB unicorn Dazzler price in Nepal: NRs 215,900 inclusive of tax.

5. Yamaha R15 

Yamaha R15 is very among the youngsters because of its sporty look. A large number of Yamaha R15 is seen to be running in the Nepali roads and the sporty looks gives the special experience.Lets have a look on the price of Yamaha R15 in Nepal.

Yamaha R15 price in Nepal: NRs 342,900 inclusive of tax.


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